Welcome to my world...
...where time is fluid and a song can change the future. Where a long-lost painting holds clues to a murder-suicide, and foxes and bears are more than they seem. This is a place where the seeds of reality take root in the soil of imagination, and anything can happen. Welcome, and enjoy the journey!

Nikki Andrews has earned a living as a picture framer, stable hand and crafter, but in her real life she is an author,songwriter, and editor.  She has been writing since junior high school, has recorded an album of original songs with a church choir, and has completed the National Novel Writing Month Challenge ten consecutive years.

She is the author of several published and award-winning short stories, as well as three novels.  Framed, her most recent novel, is a mystery set in an art gallery--a long-lost painting turns up and holds clues to a murder/suicide. Her two science fiction novels, Chicken Bones and A Windswept Star, have been called  "a wild mix of genres that works."  She is a member of Talespinners, a women's writing group, and the New Hampshire Writers' Project.

Scrivener's River, A Writer's Journey, is now open. Take a ride with me wherever the river flows. I may be visiting with the mussels in a lakebed, chatting with another writer, discovering Big Trees, or commenting on some aspect of writing or the writing life. This week I'm exploring the wild adventure of "Stalking the Corn." I'd love to have your reaction.


When I'm not writing my own books, I edit novels for others.  Any writer will tell you that it's impossible to edit your own work; it takes a dispassionate eye to root out what doesn't work and even--gasp--to delete sections that don't advance the story. Editing is whole new discipline, and I find it very rewarding to take a good manuscript and help an author to polish it into the fine gem that it can be. I have two years experience with two fine independent publishing companies, The Wild Rose Press and Champagne Book Group. Both offer excellent books, with wonderful support and services for their authors.

In addition, I offer freelance editing to individual writers. My services range from simple proofreading (spelling, continuity, punctuation) to full editing (grammar, syntax, story development and more). Pull out that manuscript languishing in the back of a drawer someplace and contact me here for information on getting it spiffed up and ready to submit to a publisher.

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